Arduino Workshop

Are you interested in learning the World’s first Open Source Embedded Platform Arduino!!!

We have 2 weeks Arduino Workshop in Enugu, Nigeria.

Date 12th June.

50% Discount for first 10 registered Participant

Fee: N20k                  

N10k for first  10 participant

Duration: 2 weeks


Flame Sensor

                                   ESP8266 WIFI moduleNRF24L01+PA+LNA


Module 1: Introduction to Arduino
Installing Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Setting Up the Arduino Board
Using the IDE to Prepare an Arduino Sketch
Uploading and Running the Blink Sketch
Creating and Saving a Sketch
Making the Sketch Do Your Bidding               

Module 2: Simple Projects
Using a Switch
Reading a Keypad
Reading Analog Values

Module 3: Serial Communication
Serial Hardware
Software Serial
Serial Message Protocol
Sending Debug Information from Arduino to Your Computer
Sending Formatted Text and Numeric Data from Arduino
Receiving Serial Data in Arduino

Module 4: Visual Output
Digital Output
Analog Output
Using LEDs
Adjusting the Brightness of an LED
Sequencing Multiple LEDs
Controlling an LED Dot Matrix Using Multiplexing
Displaying Images on an LED Dot Matrix
Driving a 7-Segment LED Display
Driving Multidigit, 7-Segment LED Displays: Multiplexing                                                                                                         Working with LCDs
Module 5: Getting Input from Sensors
Detecting Motion with Passive InfraRed (PIR) Motion Sensor
Measuring Distance with Ultrasonic Sensor
Measuring Temperature with LM35
Getting Location from a GPS
Measuring Soil Moisture with Hygrometer
Fire Alarm System with Flame Sensor


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