DIY GSM Module

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Product Description:

Include: a SMS module

Voltage: 5V

Frequency: 900 1800 MHz

Stand by current: < 10 mA

Working current: < 80 mA

Baud: 9600 or change by sending AT+IPR=xxxx

Interface: TTL

Commands: Regular AT commands

Connector: 5V GND TxD RxD

Antenna: Please solder a copper wire to the board or use an IPEX socket

Temperatures: -30 C to 80 C

Functions: Send/receive SMS messages and GPRS data.

Excellent for remote sensing, experiments, alarms and automatic data collection.

The control port is a regular serial port. You may connect it directly with a microcontroller such as Arduin. Or you can use a USB to serial port adapter and send commands directly from a computer.


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