PCB Drill Bits

3,000.00 2,500.00



Carbide Micro Drill Bits CNC PCB Dremel 0.3MM 0.4MM,0.5MM, 0.6MM 0.7MM 0.8MM 0.9MM 1.0MM 1.1MM 1.2MM each of them 1 piece

1 drill bit chip space: small chip resistance, chip smooth, small drilling heat, reduce smear.
2. PCB drill, drill size from 0.20mm-6.55, abrasion resistance and good, strong chip capacity, steel is good, bore hole wall quality and good after-bit precision drilling, has good overall performance. The body is made of imported high-quality alloy materials, high precision tip, easy to wear, sharp, good, excellent physical properties, long service life.

Specifications: Blade diameter 0.10mm to 6.50mm, Shank Diameter 3.175mm.

Total length: 38.1 ± 0.1mm

Processing Type: PCB, FPC, SMT, CNC, mold, metal sculpture and other processing.


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