Robotic Arm

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6 degrees of freedom robot / Base Metal disk / smart 3D rotation manipulator / robot education mechanical claw + 6 high torque servos (Metal Gear and a complete set of accessories) + large metal base

Description of the product:

Size: 46 cm * 10 cm

The rotation angle of 180 degrees

The turning radius: 355mm

A complete set of height: 460mm (closed head)

Securing the front of the largest opening: 55mm

Grasp the widest distance: 98mm

Data high torque servos:

Dimensions: 40.8mm x 20mm x 38mm

Weight: 55g

Package weight: 74g

Operating Speed: 0.17sec / 60 degrees (4.8 v)

Operating Speed: 0.13sec / 60 degrees (6.0 v)

Operation Voltage: 4.8-7.2 V

Torque: 13 kg / cm (4.8 v); 15 kg / cm (6.0 v)!

Type of art: all metal gears

Cable connector: 11.81 “(300mm)



Provide installation instructions (manual installation send to your email).

Shipping list:

High torque servos X6

Metal wheel X6

Mechanical claws x1

Multifunction stand X5

U support Long x4

L Support x1

U-beam X5

X4 bearing cup

A complete set of screw nut


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