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1) DC-5V power
2) Altera CycloneII family EP2C8Q208 FPGA
3) On board EPCS64 configuration flash memory which can be used as Nios2 program space
4) Configuration Model:JTAG and AS
5) On board 50MHz oscillator
6) Power LED and running indicator LED with a reset button on board
7) 4M Bit CY7C1041VC33 SRAM on board
8) 256 Bit(32 Bytes)SDRAM on board
9) 64M Bit(8M Bytes) NOR FLASH for uCOSIIuCLINUXLinuxNucleus storage.
10) SD card adapter on board
11) RS232 serial ports adapter on board
12) Electronic buzzer on board
13) 8 slide switches on board
14) 5 independent button on board
15) PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface
16) LCD1602/LCD12864 interface
17) AT24C04 IIC interface
18) 8 bit VGA interface,256 colors display is supported
19) 16 bit TFT LCD connector on the back of the board for different size of TFT LCD
20) 32 user I/O in 40 pins IDE,2 clock input/output,easy to extension